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About Us


With 30+ years of combined experience, Adrenaline Fundraising knows how to help schools and youth organizations in the Sioux Empire raise money.


DAVID NELSON —Adrenaline Regional Sales Leader

RHONDA TOP —South Dakota Regional Merchant Leader

DARREN TIPTON —South Dakota Area Sales Leader


We recognize the challenges today’s schools and organizations have in meeting fundraising needs. We know that students, coaches, administrators, and parents are looking for more effective ways to raise money with less stress on kids and families.

That’s why we created Adrenaline Pro—a new way to fundraise that provides a quality product supporters can use to save hundreds of dollars, does not require youth or families to knock on doors to sell, and provides schools and organizations with residual income opportunities throughout the year (not just one time each season). It’s a great way to add additional income on top of Adrenaline’s other successful fundraising programs!

We are committed to the Sioux Empire and sincerely hope you give this app a try—to help the kids as well as to benefit yourself. Digital and online options are the future of fundraising, and Adrenaline Fundraising is leading the way.

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The buzz about Adrenaline Pro…

“Brandon Valley Football has sold the gold card for over 20 years with Adrenaline Fundraising. It has been an integral part of our program. Now, we are committed to enhancing our fundraising needs by adding Adrenaline Pro. This will allow our team to bring in extra funds on top of what the gold card brings in, throughout the year, and without our athletes having to take time to knock on doors. We are excited about this great opportunity.”
—Chad Garrow, Head Football Coach, Brandon Valley High School

“It has been a pleasure to work with Adrenaline for over 15 years. David has always listened to our ideas and needs. He truly wants the best for us.  With Adrenaline Pro and in combination with our popular gold card, fundraising is pretty easy.  We believe their products offer the best deals for our community, and we are always confident Adrenaline is on the cutting edge of fundraising and will greatly help Washington Football.”
—Chad Stadem, Head Football Coach, Washington High School

“Our fundraising philosophy is to be respectful of the community by not saturating supporters with constant knocks on the door. We’ve scaled back on product fundraisers. This program will benefit all of our athletic, music, and fine arts programs without the kids having to go out into neighborhoods to sell. Our supporters will receive great value in return, considering all of the merchants available on the mobile app.”
—Randy Marso, Athletic Director, Brandon Valley High School

“For more than 20 years, Adrenaline Fundraising has played a huge role in providing Washington High School teams and groups ways to raise money by selling products. David Nelson sat down with me and showed me the new Adrenaline program and how it could benefit all athletics and activities, not just a few of our groups. This program will be supported by Washington High School and we look forward to this helping our athletes, students, and their parents by alleviating the stress of fundraising.”
—Nate Malchow, Athletic Director, Washington High School

“I am impressed by the forethought Adrenaline Fundraising has shown and the work they have done in developing this product. The digital age is here, and Adrenaline has utilized it to make fundraising easier for the entity raising the funds as well as the end user. It is a positive experience for all.  The fact that people can use an app to choose what organization to support—and do it from wherever they are in the country—is exciting!”
—Tim Hazlett, Principal, Roosevelt High School

“Sioux Falls Christian Schools is excited about the Adrenaline Pro fundraising program because it is a membership-based fundraiser and doesn’t require our students or parents to do the type of selling required with other fundraisers. We know that supporters will see a significant return on their donation by using the mobile app even a few times. Also, the fact that the mobile app is available nationwide allows friends and family outside of Sioux Falls to be part of this supportive program. We look forward to building a membership base that allows us to receive residual income throughout the year.”
—Kilee Uittenbogaard, Sioux Falls Christian Development Manager

“Fundraising is very important to our school. We have needs that rely on fundraising and these needs increase each year. This new fundraising program is perfect for us. It’s easy. All we have to do is encourage supporters to download the mobile app and to tell others about it. There is no traditional selling by students or parents as the app really sells itself. I have used it numerous times and see extreme value in the product.”
—Scott Hannemann, Assistant Principal, Memorial Middle School