FAQs – Adrenaline Sioux Falls


Adrenaline Pro FAQs

How many Sioux Falls area merchants participate in the program?
Over 200 Sioux Falls area merchants currently participate.

How often are new merchants added?
The benefit of digital is that we can add new content any time. **Merchants and offers are subject to change at any time.**

Can I use the app outside of Sioux Falls?
Yes. We have merchants in hub communities across South Dakota—in Yankton, Brookings, Watertown, Aberdeen, Pierre, Mitchell, Huron and Rapid City—and at thousands of locations nationwide. The app will automatically geo-locate and find deals near you.

Is there a cost for merchants to participate?
No. There is no cost for merchants and they can add as many deals as they want for FREE.

Is there a cost for schools or youth organizations to participate?
No. There is no cost for schools or youth organizations to participate.

How does an organization participate?
It’s easy. To get things started, contact us here and select “How to sign up my school or youth organization” on the form.

How much does a membership cost after the free 90-day trial?
A membership costs $25 for 6 months of unlimited access to the app.

Am I set up for auto renewal?
There is no auto-renewal option at this time.

Can I donate more than $25?
Yes, you can donate more—and your organization receives 80% of any dollar amount above the $25 membership fee.

How much does a school/organization profit from each membership?
$10 goes directly to the school/organization you choose ($5 covers taxes and service/credit card processing fees, and Adrenaline earns $10 for building and managing the program).

How often do schools/organizations get paid?
Schools/organizations get paid monthly.

How does a school decide where the funds will be directed?
Schools can set up the payouts as they see fit for the distribution of funds.

Am I locked into one school or organization when I renew? 
Each time you renew, you can select a different school or group. For example, if you have one student who attends an elementary and another who is involved in basketball at the local high school, for one renewal cycle you can select the elementary and next time you can select the basketball team.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Please check with your tax professional to determine whether your donation is tax deductible.