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For Merchants

Merchant participation and relationships with local businesses is the foundation of Adrenaline Pro.

Our mission for businesses is to provide them with opportunities to help schools and youth organizations in their communities—while advertising their business and locations, and featuring offers that will increase traffic.

With digital marketing on the rise, merchants are excited about being featured on the Adrenaline Pro app, where they can feature as many offers as they’d like, add or change offers at any time, and provide exclusive discounts to members. There is no cost to participate, and merchants are taking advantage of this opportunity to offset increasing advertising costs. This is a win-win-win for organizations, merchants, and members!

If you want your business to be featured on the Adrenaline Pro app, please contact Rhonda Top at (605) 728-6496 or

What some of our merchants are saying…

The Adrenaline Savings program is such a great idea—everyone wins! It allows me as the consumer to try new services at very little risk, while still helping out a good cause. I told the manager at Noodles & Co. that I would never have thought of going to this restaurant if they weren’t on the app. Because they were supporting our local schools, we tried it and have been back several times and told many of our friends.
—Mark Elliott, Partner, Elliott Strategy

We are very pleased to be partners with Adrenaline Fundraising. They have been a big part of our marketing strategies as we continue to not only attract a local patron, but also are able to help local schools and organizations raise extra funds.

We have been with Adrenaline for more than 10 years. Their advice as to the offers that work on their products has been very helpful in attracting customers.
—Don Rose, Owner, Shenanigans

We have been working with Adrenaline Fundraising, and more specifically Rhonda Top, for the past five years. Working with Rhonda has been such a pleasure for us both on a personal and a professional level. She truly cares for both the schools and businesses, and strives to do what is best for both. The programs themselves have been great for our business—allowing us to not only help the schools and organizations, but also bring new customers through our doors.

Without programs like Adrenaline, schools and organizations would have a hard time generating the funds they need to help their students. And as a business in the community, we love being able to help these students in ways that can further their programs and their education. We have been honored to be part of Adrenaline Fundraising each and every year.
—Annie Harms, General Manager, Sioux Falls Juice Stop Stores

Here at Chevys we get more redemptions from Adrenaline Fundraising than any other advertising we do. We are so excited to be a part of Adrenaline Pro, their new mobile program that helps schools and youth in our community.
—Bob Amor, Co-Owner, Sioux Falls Chevys Fresh Mex